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Large Wood Ring Necklace

Large Ring necklace. It will flip back and forth when it wants to from dark walnut on one side to light mahogany on the other. 18" sterling silver chain included.. Protected with a handmade beeswax finish.

3-1/2" wide. 3/16" thick ring, 1/8" thick.

Large Wood Ring Necklace

  • Your wood piece has been protected with a handmade beeswax finish. I plan to make this finish available to purchase in the future so you can refresh you pieces whenever they need it!

    Wearing a piece constantly and/or exposing your piece to excess moisture or lotions/products could significantly shorten its life.

    To clean, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Metal portions can be polished/rubbed clean by hand with a textured cloth.

    The sterling silver chains are e-coated to prevent tarnishing and can also help if someone has a metal sensitivity. Because of this coating, they cannot be chemically cleaned, but they can be polished by hand just by rubbing with a cloth.

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